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Puerto Princesa holds MIMAROPA Festival King And Queen 2016 | Visit Mimaropa

Puerto Princesa holds MIMAROPA Festival King And Queen 2016

The City Government of Puerto Princesa held a press conference for the upcoming MIMAROPA Festival King and Queen 2016 at the City State Asturias Hotel on Tuesday, November 8.

The said event is prior to the crowning ceremony of the said beauty pageant, one of the biggest in the region and is among the major events of the Festival.

In the said press conference, the City Government welcomed the 13 official candidates of the said competition, which were comprised of six Ambassadors and seven Ambassadresses. The candidates were given a chance to introduce themselves and share their concept of a “new class of beauty” for MIMAROPA.

In the succeeding Q&A segment, the candidates were asked questions on latest issues such as environment, livelihood and crisis – particularly those faced by the Region – and how they can come up with such solutions and on what can be their possible contributions, in terms of platforms and programs, in their provinces.

The Coronation Night for the MIMAROPA Festival King and Queen 2016 is set to take place on Thursday, November 10, at the Puerto Princesa City Coliseum.

Earlier, the press has chosen Julio Paolo Evina of Puerto Princesa and Efryl Go of Occidental Mindoro as ‘Darling of the Press’.


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