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Bellaroca Island | Visit Mimaropa

Bellaroca Island

Marinduque is an island province in the Philippines located in Mimaropa region. Its capital is the municipality of Boac. Marinduque lies between Tayabas Bay to the north and Sibuyan Sea to the south.

  • White Beach – White Beach is located in Barangay Poctoy within the municipality of Torrijos. Poctoy’s white beach is one of the finest beach’s on the Marinduque Mainland, Their your surrounded by clean clear, deep water and warm happy locals. The area is also a hangout for the local community, where you can spend the night singing karaoke or talking and meeting the locals. Not only is it a Social area, it also doubles as a small market area in the day. You can purchase the latest Catch of Fish from the Fishermen, you can buy products from the Sari-Sari store or sit back and drink a beer at the adjacent resort.

Tres Reyes Islands, Marinduque

  • Tres Reyes Islands – The Tres Reyes Islands (Also Known as the “Three Kings”) is a chain of 3 Islands off the coast of Gasan. The main island is known as “Gaspar Island”, It is famous for it’s always empty beach’s, perfectly white sand and amazing diving and clear azure warm water. The beautiful islands can be accessed via boat only, you must organise a boat trip with one of the Resorts along the coastline or with a local fisherman. Don’t be scared to haggle with either of the two, as long as you’re realistic.
  • The Bathala Caves – The Bathala Caves are one of the famed sites of Marinduque, this Massive cave system is located in the mountains of Santa Cruz on private Property. You must ask the owners of the property to access the Caves, they usually charge a small fee. It is wise to have a guided tour if it’s your first time, as you have to climb and hike some fairly rugged landscapes. There would be an additional fee for a guided tour. The Caves offer an amazing view, especially during sunset and sunrise when the Cave (named – The Cathedral) lights up entirely, showing off its amazing lines. The Python cave is also a must see, although if you have a fear of snakes you better skip it. It is a large system of caves with Rock Pythons living in the walls and areas, but do not fear as they are relatively harmless as long as you don’t do anything to upset them (don’t worry, the Guides keep you fairly far from the action anyway).
  • Red Mountain – Red Mountain is the site of the Battle of Pulang Lupa in the Filipino-American War. After a long hike to the top, you will be rewarded with a full 360 degree view of the surrounding Marinduque Area and valleys. The name “Red Mountain” was attributed to the amount of blood that was shed in the fierce battle involving Filipino and American forces during the Filipino-American war. The Filipino forces won that battle and a memorial was built to commemorate the historical event. Hiking to the memorial may prove to be a challenge particularly on hot days. However, visitors can access half the track up to the Main Memorial with a vehicle, but the hike is still difficult to those not in the best of shape.



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