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Baker’s Hill | Visit Mimaropa

Baker’s Hill

Visit and experience a beautifully unique bakery and theme park landscape in the top of a hill.

Bakers hill was only a little bakeshop back then.As the simple bakeshop grew more sucessful the owner decided to put other adventure and created their land a theme park with an enchanting garden landscape free of entrance fee.

It has a colorful playground and trees provided a good shade. Kids surely love this little paradise because of child-friendly environment and there are lots of fiber glass statue of their favorite Disney cartoon characters like Shrek, Bugs Bunny, Snow White, and many more.

They also have mini zoo and an aviary that houses few animals but the highlights are its colorful birds and peacock.

Aside from the view tourists and community citizens visited Bakers Hill because of their famous “Hopia” in different delicious flavor. They also avail different kinds of bread and pastries that are deliciously good for pasalubong in affordable prices. If you want to try the Palawenos signature exotic “tamilok” Bakers hill kitchen is the best spot for you to dine in.

You’ll never get disappointed in visiting this little theme park because it brought good vibes and made everyone fall in love in this small detailed beauty.

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